Pool Vacuum Cleaner build

I bought a little 2000L pool and it quickly built up a load of dust/dirt on the bottom of it and the cheap pump it came with didn’t seem to be doing much, So I looked at what I had in the garage and figured I could make my own pool cleaning system. I realized the gist of the crap was settling at the bottom so I made a quick ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ type arrangement with some PVC piping and tubing, a pump I use for brewing beer, and some odds and end I picked up from the hard ware store.

Pool Vacuum cleaner DIY Build

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  1. Jonathan April 14, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    Nice build! We’ve featured it in today’s newsletter on HomemadeTools.net: mailchi.mp/buildthreads/homemade-tool-of-the-week-washer-id-turning-fixture-alternate-nut-tightening-thinking

    Join us in our forum if you like talkin’ tool talk 🙂

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