Simple PHP webcomic code

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I have worked on the Life of Riley comic code for a while and realised its a good base for anyone else to use for their own webcomic. its really simple and should be easy enough to modify to suit your webcomic with some simple HTML stuff.

Here it is on sourceforge

Here it is to download now

I have added on this version to include a basic mysql table to pull the titles out since they were not printed on the images, I recommend you print the comic titles (if you are naming them) on the images but if thats not feasible then here is the additional code to pull from a mysql database. it should be quite straightforward. I feed the request the $titleid which comes from the URL eg /comic.php?strip=1
mysql_connect('localhost or','yourusername','yourpassword');
@mysql_select_db('databasename') or die( "err1");

$query="SELECT * FROM titles";



Here is an SQL file of the table to get you started

The only major flaw is currently you need to update the end # of the comics if your comics list is dynamic, mine is static so it doesnt need to change.  a simple way of doing this could be instead of


$lastcomic = "100";

create a new file called end.php which you update as you go


//$lastcomic = "100"; commented out not useing this anymore
@include end.php;


$lastcomic = "616";

And now you can edit that end.php as you update. It would be much smarter to use Mysql for this as it would be a really simple call to find out the end but I wanted this comic to be flat and not to require SQL

Life of Riley

Here is the Life Of Riley Web Comic Complete Archive!

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Life of Riley Wallpapers

Life Of Riley Tribute Flash Video

If you would like to help out or want something from me please email me

The ‘Alternate’ ending can be found here

F.A.Q and Updates below

I loved reading the Life Of Riley webcomic by Aaron Sacharow and Dan Jaaren, so much so that I made an archive on my computer. some time past and the webcomic could-no-longer/was-decided-not-to-be hosted anymore and then some more time past and started hosting this site, It wasnt long before I realised I should share my archive with you and judging from the emails I receive, its been a good idea. Thank you very much to those of you who have helped complete and straighten out my archive. Go to the first one!

Some questions I get asked frequently:

Q: What happen?
Someone set them up the lives.
A more definitive answer can be found here The crucial part being:

ClanBOB got a website again, and there were updates to the comic. But after a few more strips and six new video-based Dreams in Digital episodes, the webcomic side of ClanBOB was put on long-term hiatus. Part of this is because all of the leaderBOBs have jobs, lives and such. Part of it is from the negative e-mail the leaderBOBs got from anonymous jackasses.

I came across this article by Nick Costanzo,

No, the reason for Life of Riley’s untimely demise was quite simple… real life got in the way. Behind-the-scenes drama, some of it good, and much of it quite tragic, took precedence within the creators’ lives, delaying the production of the strips. Server problems also contributed to the delays, but, personally, I got the impression that Dan and Aaron may have gotten tired of the whole thing. The final few strips, while not particu…

Q: Can I download all of the files in one go?, Can you zip them for me?, put onto a CD?, telepathically upload them to me?
No. sorry.

Q: Are you God and/or Bob Saget?
And was said, ye of little faith, nay, Thine most holiest giver of comic is most prestigious but mortal.

Q: Can you host MY webcomic?
Yes. it will be free to host your comic here, send me an email


UPDATE 09/06/08

I had inadvertently broken the alternate ending and put it into the main comic line. I fixed that up and changed a few things here and there about how the end of the comic works
also changed this page around about and installed it on ModX CMS which is pretty kicking rad.

UPDATE 13/11/06
Thanks to Mike for helping me complete the archive! I now (pretty much) have a 100% complete archive (see above)
Also a change on the front page in a few mins

UPDATE 07/11/06
Missing Strips? What missing Strips?
Mofo has kindly donated another 32 strips! so close to completion its not funny!
Currently only 471, 472, 530, 596, 599 and 601 are missing (well technically also anything past 609 but I dont know if those are anywhere)
Also I have uploaded the ‘Alternate Ending’

UPDATE 01/11/06
Welcome to November! Only 37 missing strips out of 609 at the moment
That’s only 6.0755336617405582922824302134647 Percent!
( Strips 406, 412, 466, 468, 470, 471, 472, 475, 476, 477, 479, 480, 481,
482, 483, 520, 522, 524, 527, 529, 530, 532, 534, 535, 537, 539, 542, 544,
588, 589, 590, 591, 592, 594, 596, 599 and 601 )
Weeee Haw

UPDATE 31/10/06
A Huge thanks to Christian for coming up with 45 of my missing strips in the 484 to 587 range!
Thanks again Christian! Big Help in getting this archive complete!
I am close to having the full archive.

UPDATE 23/10/06
Big Thanks to Rawling for supplying strips
448, 449, 450, 452, 454, 457, 459, 462, 463 and 464 Cheers Rawling!

UPDATE 18/09/06
I found strips 053 095 100 101 102 103 and 112
they were gif;s and my comic code didn’t accommodate them 🙁
a list of missing strips will be here within an hour