Pool Cleaner Re-visited

Further to http://pyrocam.com/pool-cleaner/ I found it didn’t really work quickly or over a wide area. to improve it I took a little more scrap tube, an old bucket lid and a little PVC adapter from the hardware shop to increase the efficiency drastically

home made pool cleaner in the water and working

The original pool cleaner end, works, but slow to cover large areas

Bucket lid ready for drilling a hole in

I took a plastic bucket lid and used my hole saw to make an appropriate sized hole for my PVC adapter

Bucket lid with hole, PVC adapter and glue

I some PVC solvent cement on the outside of the PVC component and pushed it through the hole. it was a tiny tiny bit too large so made a good seal already, the cement will just help hold it all together.

PVC attachment glued into bucket lid

give that a few minutes to dry and

Pool cleaner bucket lid attachment

Then I pushed the tubing onto the end of the existing nozzle and the PVC attachment, it didn’t need any hose clamps as it was a snug fit.


I don’t have a video yet but this was a huge success. It made an amazing difference!