Grass Cutting and a small explanation

A lot of people look at me strangely with a “why didn’t you just go buy one” look in their eye, when I show them these things. So to explain myself a little bit; this is fun for me, building things out of whatever I have lying about, its a hobby. I am not trying to invent something that doesn’t already exist I am just trying to do a job with the tools that I already have.

My current project is a lawn mower/weed wacker built out of a hand blender, I could of gone to the hardware store and bought a weed wacker or a lawn mower for $130 or $300 but thats not fun, and I have all the bits I need to make it, so I am recycling as well.

So without further Ado, here is my latest project, which was fun, recycled, and cheap

Grass Cutter MKII - Made from a couch and a handheld blender engine