Fixing Nespresso U / Nespresso EN 210 coffee not coming out of spout

Update 2021-06 – A trick while you wait for the part: If its only intermittently failing, run coffee through the machine without a pod first. This seems to align the failing part sometimes and may let you more reliably make a coffee the second run time its used. If you are going to purchase the part from Amazon or Ebay, please consider using my affiliate links. This site runs at a loss and I would really appreciate it 🙂 With this model its possible for the duct to not move properly and so the coffee goes straight down the back down into the drip tray. Its easy to fix and doesn’t require any tools. (although a small flat head screwdriver and a credit card are handy) You will need to possibly buy a part, so its a good idea to read this whole guide before starting. Any time you see numbers in brackets e.g. (24) that means I am referencing a part from the official parts list at the bottom of this page) First you need to verify that it is in fact the improperly moving spout(7) that causing the issue so you need to take the front cover off. This is quite straight forward but you will need to apply a bit of force to the sides to get into the machine. Unplug the machine from the wall Remove all the bits you can, water tank, milk frother, drip trays etc  Pull the bottom of the outer cover (1) outwards.  They should click out then you can pull them a little bit to remove the front cover 4. Once the front cover(8) is removed, plug the machine back in, put the water tank (24) back on with water in it. 5. You don’t need to put a pod in, but if you flick the pod opening back and forward you can inspect the operation. If the duct(7) doesn’t move up and down, or gets pushed forward when the distributor (34) moves forward then this guide might be for you. What has happened is the there are two little plastic guides on the front of the distributor (34) that have probably broken off  You could try and use some super glue and make new guides with some plastic nibs, for example cut some short bits off a cotton bud stick 2-3mm long and glue them here on here. But I found it easier to just buy the part, they are quite cheap on Removing and re-attaching the part is easy, but can take a few goes to get the bit where you need it. 6. turn the machine on and open and close the pod lid(54) until the distributor(34) starts moving 7. when it is all the way at the back turn the power off at the wall. this will allow you to remove the spout (7) 8. I found it easiest to remove the spout(7) by squeezing it in the middle then pushing the spout(7) into the machine. Once the spout (7) is removed you need to get the distributor (34) closer to the front of the machine so you can pry it off. 9. Turn the power on and off at the wall and move the pod switch/lid (54) until you get the Distributor(34) top to be visible in the gap between the top and the front. it might take a few goes to get it where you want it to be. 10. Now you can use a screwdriver, or a kitchen knife or any suitable thin blade type thing to push the tab at the top off the distributor(34) off the infuser(33). Where the screwdriver is placed in this picture lets it come up and off easily. 11. Remove the Distributor from the machine I didn’t need to move the Infuser(33) back to remove the old distributor(34) but you might need to. Try not to though, as the infuser moving forward might damage the machine. If you are worried about this, leave it more or less in place but not clipped in, then it shouldn’t push things around too much. Now we just do everything in reverse. Fix or get your new distributor(34) 2. Place it back into the machine where you took the old one out. I found it easiest to place the bottom clip in first, then I applied a bit of pressure with a screwdriver to get the top clip over the latch. you can test the distributor(34) is working now but turning the machine on and opening and closing the pod cover/switch until the machine tries to make a coffee, it doeskin need a pod and will just make hot water. 3. Move the Distributor(34) to the back of the machine using the power method mentioned above. (video for step 7 of the … Continue reading Fixing Nespresso U / Nespresso EN 210 coffee not coming out of spout